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Are you having issues with your computer running slow? Are you seeing annoying ‘pop up’ ads? Perhaps you are not able reach the website you want, or are getting messages that your computer is infected with a virus and asking you to pay a fee, (aka ransom) to rid your computer of the problem. If any of these things are happening to your computer you most likely have picked up one, or more, maleware, spyware, or scareware applications. Often, these types of fraudulent applications are hidden in the files downloaded with many of the‘free’ applications available on the Internet, even from otherwise innocent sites. Tyler Digital Media can usually identify the source of the issue and remove the offending files without destroying any of your legitimate data and files. We offer a free system scan to determine the cause of the problem and recommend a resolution. We can provide data backup services and focus on getting your system up and running properly. Our rates are always competitive (see our ‘service rates’ page) Tyler Digital Media also provides complete system installation and setup services. Whether you have a single system, or a multi computer network, we can provide the services and training required to ensure you and your staff can work efficiently and productively. Contact us at: info@tylerdigitalmedia.com or use our ‘contact’ form and we will respond with answers to your questions
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