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A website is essential to compete successfully in the ‘on-line’ marketplace. Whether you sell your services or products directly on-line, or need to attract more traffic to your physical store or facility, your website has to be easy to navigate, present valuable information to the viewer and generate true interest in your products and services. The end result is an increase in sales. Tyler Digital Media produce websites that satisfy all of these criteria.
Our focus is to develop your website to present your products, or services, in an easily understood and informative manner. We have the ability to produce websites with all the latest ‘bells and whistles’ but, typically, we recommend websites that do not depend on bells and whistles to attract new customers and retain existing ones. So, unless you do produce bells and whistles, we develop your website to feature your products and services, giving the viewer a solid perspective of your company and products without depending on fancy effects, also known as bells and whistles, to keep the viewer engaged and interested in exploring your site. Keeping the viewer engaged on your site, exploring the various pages of information and visuals results in higher conversion rates, turning viewers into customers. When this occurs it is known as a ‘sticky site,’ where viewers ‘stick’ around turning into customers and existing customers stick around finding something else they want or need and that turns them into repeat customers, adding to your bottom line. All of this can be achieved by presenting an interesting and informative site that is easy for a viewer to navigate and with valuable information presented on every page. Of course, all sites need a ‘contact us’ page allowing customers to submit a request for additional information, ask questions, or where they can select from a list of topics you specify. Tyler Digital Media can also provide registration services for your own personalized domain name. Unlike many other companies, on completion of your project and receipt of payment, you own your domain. There is no further obligation to Tyler Digital Media. We can maintain your site if you so desire, but you are under no obligation to have us do so. Please use our ‘Contact Us’ page to learn more, or ask questions. Find out how Tyler Digital Media can make you stand out on the Internet and start capturing customers from the expanding ‘on-line’ marketplace. The link below will take you to just some of the numerous website styles we can provide. Each website we design is customized for your specific industry, tailored to your particular business and contains all the elements needed to give you the edge in competing for the valuable on-line shopper.
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